F.W. Holbein School

Project:                          F.W. Holbein School

Project Location:         Mount Holly, NJ

Project Type:                 Spray Applied Acoustical Insulation

General Contractor:   Levy Construction

Architect:                       Regan Young England Butera


  • Exposed Tectum Gymnasium Ceiling
  • International Cellulose Corporation
  • SonaSpray “FC”
  • Artic White
  • 1” Thick
  • 5,700 sq.ft.

K-13 Design Solution featured by International Cellulose Corporation

The gymnasium at F.W. Holbein in Mount Holly, NJ recently underwent a transformative renovation project by RYEBREAD Architects. In order to control excessive noise, echo, and reverberation; which would otherwise be prevalent in an environment of this type, SonaSpray “fc” Dura-K in Arctic White was utilized for the ceiling of the gymnasium.

Spray-applied to the existing cementitious wood fiber panels, SonaSpray “fc” Dura-K serves as a durable, exposed interior finish. With an installed bond strength over 800 PSF, the combination of SonaSpray “fc” Dura-K provides unmatched durability and exceptional acoustic performance. Additionally, this application of SonaSpray “fc” Dura-K in Arctic White provides high light reflectance to optimize natural daylighting and promote brightness throughout the space.

Why Gyms Need Acoustical Consideration
The importance of acoustical design in large buildings such as gymnasiums and fitness centers cannot be overemphasized. People of all ages from all walks of life are working out. But with all the free weights, plate loaded machines, basketballs, whistles, and cheering crowds the workout area or gymnasium can quickly become very noisy. If not addressed, excessive noise can disturb players, participants, instructors, and spectators, dramatically affecting the functionality of the athletic space. Gymnasiums and fitness centers include many hard surfaces such as wood, metal, and concrete, which reflect sound.

Acoustical Solutions For Gymnasiums
Unlike these hard surfaces, K-13 and SonaSpray “fc” absorb excessive noise to ensure an optimal acoustic environment. These Products are durable, damage-resistant, and can be tailored to meet acoustic, thermal, lighting, and design objectives for athletic facilities.

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