Barclays – Buildings 200 & 300

Project:                               Barclays- Buildings 200 & 300

Project Location:              Whippany, NJ

Project Type:                     Spray Applied Acoustical Insulation

General Contractor:        Turner Construction

Architect:                           Gensler – Morristown, NJ


  • Exposed ceiling on Floors 1 through 4
  • International Cellulose Corporation
  • SonaSpray “FC”
  • White & Black
  • 3/4” Thick
  • 115,000 sq.ft.

Redefining the meaning of a “best in class” workplace, Barclays repurposed a vacant campus in suburban New Jersey to attract top talent with an amenity-rich workplace. The Barclays campus design centers on authentic experiences and choice, with a holistic live-work-play perspective. The campus’s verdant setting led to a design aesthetic featuring a natural, farmhouse style. Authenticity was an overarching theme of Gensler’s design. An authentic workplace fosters a sense of connection, and the experience offers employees a variety of settings tailored to bolster their individual work styles—from focused, to collaborative, to creative.

Acoustical absorption is imperative to effectively convert an existing industrial building into a functional open-plan office. Without adequate acoustical finishes, hard surfaces and materials reflect sound and produce echo, reverberation, and excessive noise, decreasing functionality and occupant comfort. SonaSpray “fc” acoustical finish was chosen to address these issues.

SonaSpray “fc” absorbs excessive noise, making speech more intelligible, while enhancing overall sound quality. SonaSpray “fc” is a high-performance, spray-applied, acoustical and thermal finish system that is tailored to meet the acoustical and design objectives for a wide range of project types. It is available in four standard colors, as well as custom colors. Made in the USA from recycled, plant-based fibers, SonaSpray “fc” is the natural choice for new construction, renovation, and historic preservation projects.


Excessive noise can be detrimental in the workplace. These areas require special attention to acoustics. In addition to being a distraction, excess noise decreases productivity, inhibits communication, and increases workplace accidents and potential aggressive behavior.

Despite growing awareness of workplace noise, sound levels in offices across the nation are on the rise. The reason for this is, in part, design, and specifically the use of many hard surfaces and materials. Sounds generated by HVAC equipment, phone calls, exterior noise, communication equipment, activities, etc. are reflected off these surfaces.

Unlike hard surfaces and materials that reflect sounds, ICC’s line of high-performance, spray-applied, acoustic and thermal finishes absorb echo, reverberation and unwanted noise. Spray-applied to the ceiling, the most reflective surface aside from the floor, these products deliver optimum acoustic performance

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