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Dyer Insulations has completed thousands of jobs for clients of every scale in the tri-state area. No matter what level of service you require you can count on Dyer to complete your project in a professional and successful manner.

Please feeel free to read through our portfolio of projects we have completed.

Job: New Jersey State Aquarium
General Contractor: Whiting Turner
Location: Camden, NJ
Products: Blaze-Shield HP, Isolatek International

Whiting Turner turned to Dyer Insulations and their years of experience when choosing a Fireproofing contractor for the expansion at the NJ State Aquarium. Requiring a Fireproofing product that would provide the required hourly rating while withstanding high humidity levels, Dyer Insulations recommended and installed Blaze-Shield HP from Isolatek.

Job: Railroad Construction Company, Inc. - New Headquarters
General Contractor: RCC Builders & Developers
Location: Paterson, NJ
Products: Blaze-Shield II - Isolatek International

When Railroad Construction decided to build their new headquarters in Paterson, N.J., they chose Dyer Insulations as the Fireproofing Contractor on the job. Dyer Insulations sprayed Blaze-Shield II from Isolatek International and the job was completed on-time and on-budget.

Job: Mira Plastics Headquarters
Location: Newton, NJ
Products: Polyurethane Foam - North Carolina Foam - Jaxsan 600 - Plastic Coatings Corporation

When Mira Plastics needed to ensure their new 30’ water tank did not freeze, Dyer Insulations provided a system that met and exceeded their needs. The application of 1.5 inches of Polyurethane Foam provided an R-Value of 10.5, more than enough protection for the hard winters of the area. Dyer used Jaxsan 600, an Elastomeric Coating made by the Plastic Coatings Corporation of West Virginia, to provide a seamless, attractive, abuse resistant UV protection for the tank.

Job: Stryker Orthopaedics – Manufacturing Plant
General Contractor: Barr & Barr, Inc. Builders
Location: Mahwah, NJ
Products: A/D Firefilm & A/D Colorcoat - AD Fire Protection - Blaze-Shield II, Blaze-Shield HP – Isolatek International

The construction of the new, state-of-the-art orthopaedics manufacturing plant presented several challenging Fireproofing and Acoustic requirements. When choosing a sub-contractor to handle the specialty trades, Barr & Barr, Inc. was able to rely on the expertise of Dyer Insulations.

While the entire structure required Fireproofing, the clean room environment of the manufacturing plant required that Intumescent Fireproofing paint be applied to several, high visibility, cross beam sections. Dyer Insulations chose A/D Firefilm II and A/D Colorcoat from AD Fire Protection Services and was able to meet the fire rating requirements while providing Stryker Orthopaedics a finished paint surface with a custom color.

The remainder of the fireproofing was done with Isolatek International’s Blaze-Shield II in concealed areas and Blaze-Shield HP Medium Density Fireproofing for an exposed Gym roof deck.

Job: CityPlace at The Promenade
General Contractor: March Associates
Location: Edgewater, NJ
Products: Blaze-Shield II –Isolatek International Polyurethane Foam – North Carolina Foam Monokote 3306 – Grace Construction Products

A landmark on the Hudson River, CityPlace shopping center at The Promenade was a high visibility, high priority project for March Associates and Dyer Insulations was their choice for Fireproofing and Insulation.

In addition to the extensive fireproofing Dyer completed using Isolatek’s Blaze-Shield II, March Associates needed a solution to the condensation and cooling issues associated with an unheated parking deck below heated retail units. Dyer was able to evaluate the situation and working closely with the Architect and GM come up with a solution that solved the problem while providing an attractive and abuse resistant surface to the ceiling of the parking deck.

Dyer sprayed two inches of Polyurethane foam providing an insulation R-Value of 14 and covered the entire surface with _ inch of Grace Construction Products - Monokote 3306 giving the foam an abuse resistant, water resistant thermal barrier.

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